Monday, June 9, 2014

Cats, horses, mowed lawns, oh my...

So, this week has been good. We went on exchanges. It was slightly weird because I went to BeaverLake with Sister Eaton. so being in an old area with an old companion was a little weird. But it was kinda nice. But I just felt really weird the whole time. I felt kinda out of place. But the exchange went well.

Then we went and saw Carrie who is a less active. She is an awesome less active. She is from England. she works for Microsoft and is a crazy cat lady. She has 6 cats. There's Mr. McHenry (he's her favorite), Daisy (She hates everyone), Zebedee (is scared of everything; but I think he's starting to warm up to us), Doogle (he's my favorite one and he loves shoes; it's really funny), Flourance (she's very nurturing; kind of like mother cat), and Penelope (she loves to suck her thumb; it's really cute). we never leave without TONS of cat hair on us. We mowed her lawn this week. Yes, I mowed my first lawn. And it looks pretty good. I must say myself.

Then Sunday. Sunday was just awesome. So this ward is like HUGE into Family History and the talks were on Family History and then doing the work in the temple.

Anyways, after church we went and saw a former investigator named Margi. She's Catholic and has horses (which automatically makes her super cool) and she feels the need to get baptized again because she doesn't agree with infant baptism. And her priest won't let her get baptized again. so we asked her what's her problem with our church? what's holding her back. And she said "I've been Catholic my whole life. How could I change?"  she's just scared to change. But we committed her to pretend to be a 'Mormon' for a month. And if she liked it, we'd help her get baptized. So were going to start working with her again and she's going to come to church next week.

So, after we saw her we went to her fellowshipper's house and told them the news and when we finished. they gave us 2 referrals!! They sound pretty awesome! I'm super excited about them.

Then after that, we went and saw another family that we had been meaning to go and see for like the last 3 weeks. And after we finished visiting with them and we were heading out, their daughter who is in 8th grade walked out with us an said "I have a really strong impression that you need to meet my friend." So she walked with us over to the friends house and told us how she has come to church once and she really liked it. And she also told us how she's been weaving the gospel into their conversations. But it was really late so we didn't knock the door (in fact, it was WAY late....past curfew, within that time, our district leader had called 3 times XP hehehe..oops)  But we are working on the best way to introduce us to her friend. I'm really excited. It was just an AWESOME day.

So we had ward coordnation this week and one of the ward missionaries did Kendall's favorite scripture.  1 Nephi 2:15 "and my father dwelt in a tent." Lets just say I just about died of laughter when he shared that.

And the next 3 p-days will be on Tuesday cuz we're going to the temple and transfers.

сестра стаффр (That's my name in Russian! :D)
May the Spirit be with you

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