Monday, April 28, 2014

Crazy Week

Well, this week was good. kinda crazy. sadly all of our appointments fell through :( and no one came to church. :( but Calvin did come to the new member fireside. It was AMAZING. This guy who is deaf and has Cerebral Palsy bore his testimony and well it was amazing and it almost made me cry, which is saying something cuz it's not easy to make me cry. But that made my day. But that was the most exciting part of the week.

сестра стаффр (That's my name in Russian! :D)
May the Spirit be with you

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter

This week has been good. We got 'Egged' by someone this week. They left us an Easter basket. We also went on exchanges. Me and Hermana Norton were together. That was fun. It was fun catching up and talking.

So miracle for this week. So last year I met this guy named Jim at the car repair shop and we were talking with him. He has a deaf son and such and he said he lives in Edmonds.  We almost put him on date for baptism, but he had to go. So he gave us his phone number to give to the missionaries in Edmonds. So we sent a referral. So when I got here I looked for that referral. The Elders didn't have it and we didn't have it in our area book. So, I searched my stuff thinking i still had the number but I couldn't find it. Well. this week I found it!!! Yay!!! So now I can call him and see if he's still interested. And cuz his son is deaf we'll probably just give to the ASL Elders. They're really excited about that. hmm. ... yeah.

That's all I can think of for this week. I hope everyone had a happy Easter!!

сестра стаффр (That's my name in Russian! :D)
May the Spirit be with you

Monday, April 14, 2014

Because of Him

Sister Madsen is from Layton, Utah. She's a year older than me. She came out a transfer after me. We were both trained by the same person. Yeah...she's awesome. We've had a lot of fun this week.

This week was good. We saw Caroline. It was kind of nice seeing her without Calvin being there cuz Calvin always dominates the conversation so now we know what she understands. And it was really good. She wants to be baptized but isn't willing to accept a date :( but she did come to church for her first time! :D That was very exciting.

We also saw Grace (who is our North Korean investigator). We were able to meet with her without her husband which was nice cuz now we know where her English is at and what she understands and what she doesn't understand. She also came to church too!! :DD I hope she enjoyed it. She only stayed for the 1st hour though.

Now for my shout out!

This Video is really good. It's for Easter. We watched it at our ward mission leaders house, Brother Ricks. It's just simply amazing. It shows the what Christ did for us and "Because of Him." we all will be resurrected and such. This video is just so good.


сестра стаффр (That's my name in Russian! :D)
May the Spirit be with you

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Transfers

So this week has been CRAZY!! We  met with Victer and Grace (our north Korean investigators) and they gave us A TON of Kimchi. I've eaten so much Kimchi it's rediculous. I'm kimchid out.

Oh yeah, I didn't get transferred, but Sister Lee did. :( My new companion is Sister Madsen She's from Layton, Utah.

Anyways, so our district leader, ELder Keeler.and Rainey, because of the bedbugs, were living with ASL South this whole week. Well Elder Rainey got Bronchitis. So they had to stay in all week. His voice sounded so bad! But he's better now and they're back in their apartment.

But because Elder Rainey was sick, Elder Keeler had to interpret for deaf/blind. Well, Elder Keeler has a hard time doing that cuz he's basically deaf. But he didn't do to bad. Elder Searing did help too so. yeah. they interepeted for conference.

And conference was so good!! I really liked the talk about the whirlwinds, the one about the horse bit, and Elder Aidukatis. They were all so good.

We had dinner with Blanca on Sunday. She gave me A TON of clothes XP.  She's been cleaning out her closet and were the same size. I guess it's a score for me.

сестра стаффр (That's my name in Russian! :D)
May the Spirit be with you