Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Spanish/English Class

So, I went to the temple today!! So pretty!! :DD I love it there. And I'm in the Overlake ward. We meet at 9 a.m. The Spanish Branch has range of the Whole mission and they really only speak Spanish except the kids. so we're going to start a Spanish-English learning class. I hope we'll be able to go to it so we can talk to the Spanish people!

Lets see... What's happened this week. We've been helping Melinda a lot. Max (her dog) had a competition and took two 1st and one 2nd place!!! I have a video of her warming him up, but sadly, it's too big to email home so you'll  get it when I send the SD card home.

We also went to the Pro Sports club this week. It's like Disneyland. It's so cool!!! Too bad we can't exercise there, but we can eat there. :D and yeah...hmm...  I can't remember what else happened this week....hum....yeah. Have a great week!! :D

May the Spirit be with you

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sick this week

So..I got sick this week. It started out with just a sore throat and a stuffy or sometimes runny nose. Then I ended up getting a fever. I'm just barely getting over my fever.

Anyways. ... we had Zone Conference this week and the main thing I remember from it is. PMG instead of Preach My Gospel is Perfect Marriage Guide. President Choi really likes to talk about marriage. Then the other thing I remember is "if you get sick, don't get sick" XP  Well, I still ended up sick. oh well.

Nikole had an opera recital this week so we helped her prepare the refreshments and such. Well, when her mom said refreshments, we expected like brownies, cake, or cookies....or something...but nope.  It ended up being a full blown meal!!! We made sandwiches, salad, and Hors d'oeuvre along with ice cream for dessert. I held their iguana! Sam!! :D He went on my head! That was exciting.

The Spanish Branch is a pretty good size. We had a pot luck with them last night. sadly though, that's when I got sick the most, so we left. All the baptisms fell through :( sadly. 

I've tried Salmon...twice. And I'm still not a seafood person.  We went to a Salmon bake earlier this week.
May the Spirit be with you

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Spanish Branch

We now sponsor the Spanish Branch. It's pretty exciting, minus the fact I don't know Spanish XP haha.  Maybe I should brush up on that.

We've been doing a lot of service for Melinda. It's been so great!! Her dogs are the best. After we finished, she let us play with them!! It was so fun!!! Surf just jumped all over us!!! It was so great!! :D

Then President Choi came to our ward this week. Me and Sister Boyce were kinda nervous because he always pulls people from the audience randomly so we were hoping it wasn't going to be us. But, luckily, it ended up being a farewell, so he picked on him. So we were safe. Then we went on splits and that was exciting.  Chelsea (she's nannying a part member family and she's from Utah) went with us she is so funny!!! Her mom just recently came up because she has to give guardianship to Chelsea's host family so she can go to school here. They have a son in this mission and it's killing her that she can't go and see him, but they're both so hilarious!!!! :D It was great.

Elder Kirk isn't in my zone, barely.  He's in Bellevue South. I'm in Bellevue. I'll probably see him this week because we have another Zone Conference for some reason...-shrugs - who knows.

May the Spirit be with you

Monday, August 5, 2013

Interesting Week

This week has been interesting like always.... I accidentally threw away the garbage can...hehehe....yeah we don't have a garbage can anymore right now...

I went to a really nice Asian restaurant this week, called Dimsum. It was so good!!! The dumplings were amazing!!!

We had Zone Conference. I saw Travis..err...Elder Kirk there. He is in Issaquah. not too far from me. That was wierd seeing him there.

Then we crashed a party this week. That was fun/interesting.  We were trying to find Chloe's Aunt to talk to her and such and she was throwing a was great.

We Helped the Linselys move. I'm so sore from it!! They lived on the top floor of the Adagio apts. 
May the Spirit be with you

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another Transfer Time

I didn't get transferred. So that's exciting... I I'll be in the Bellevue area for 3 transfers...Sis. Boyce is still my companion, so nothing really changed. I'll start with something funny about this week.

So Sharon and her family were freaking out about us getting transferred. Nicole (her daughter) made us "I hope you don't get transferred" scarfs. They're really cute. Anyways, so transfer call night happens and were waiting and waiting and we get a text that says "if you didn't get called your not getting transferred." So we didn't get transferred!! So the next day, we text Sharon and say "we got calls." Because we explained to them how transfers work so they're thinking we got transferred.  so when we knocked on their door, they were all standing there in a diagnal line (sharon, Nickole, Zach, then Doug) staring at us. And we could see it on their faces. They were all thinking. "what's the Verdict?" So I said. "We're both getting transferred." They totally believed me until they looked at Sister Boyce because Sister Boyce can't keep a straight face!!! It was really funny!! They're happy that we didn't get transferred.

Chloe, this 13 year old girl, has been ready to get baptized for 2 years, but she's been waiting for her
Dad to get worthy to baptize her. We started the discussions with her and she has the strongest testimony I've ever seen for a 13 year old. She had her baptism interview and is getting baptized on the 10th!!!

I think that's all that happened...hmm...I can't remember...I think that's right...yeah..see ya

May the Spirit be with you