Thursday, August 15, 2013

Spanish Branch

We now sponsor the Spanish Branch. It's pretty exciting, minus the fact I don't know Spanish XP haha.  Maybe I should brush up on that.

We've been doing a lot of service for Melinda. It's been so great!! Her dogs are the best. After we finished, she let us play with them!! It was so fun!!! Surf just jumped all over us!!! It was so great!! :D

Then President Choi came to our ward this week. Me and Sister Boyce were kinda nervous because he always pulls people from the audience randomly so we were hoping it wasn't going to be us. But, luckily, it ended up being a farewell, so he picked on him. So we were safe. Then we went on splits and that was exciting.  Chelsea (she's nannying a part member family and she's from Utah) went with us she is so funny!!! Her mom just recently came up because she has to give guardianship to Chelsea's host family so she can go to school here. They have a son in this mission and it's killing her that she can't go and see him, but they're both so hilarious!!!! :D It was great.

Elder Kirk isn't in my zone, barely.  He's in Bellevue South. I'm in Bellevue. I'll probably see him this week because we have another Zone Conference for some reason...-shrugs - who knows.

May the Spirit be with you

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