Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another Transfer Time

I didn't get transferred. So that's exciting... I I'll be in the Bellevue area for 3 transfers...Sis. Boyce is still my companion, so nothing really changed. I'll start with something funny about this week.

So Sharon and her family were freaking out about us getting transferred. Nicole (her daughter) made us "I hope you don't get transferred" scarfs. They're really cute. Anyways, so transfer call night happens and were waiting and waiting and we get a text that says "if you didn't get called your not getting transferred." So we didn't get transferred!! So the next day, we text Sharon and say "we got calls." Because we explained to them how transfers work so they're thinking we got transferred.  so when we knocked on their door, they were all standing there in a diagnal line (sharon, Nickole, Zach, then Doug) staring at us. And we could see it on their faces. They were all thinking. "what's the Verdict?" So I said. "We're both getting transferred." They totally believed me until they looked at Sister Boyce because Sister Boyce can't keep a straight face!!! It was really funny!! They're happy that we didn't get transferred.

Chloe, this 13 year old girl, has been ready to get baptized for 2 years, but she's been waiting for her
Dad to get worthy to baptize her. We started the discussions with her and she has the strongest testimony I've ever seen for a 13 year old. She had her baptism interview and is getting baptized on the 10th!!!

I think that's all that happened...hmm...I can't remember...I think that's right...yeah..see ya

May the Spirit be with you

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