Monday, August 19, 2013

Sick this week

So..I got sick this week. It started out with just a sore throat and a stuffy or sometimes runny nose. Then I ended up getting a fever. I'm just barely getting over my fever.

Anyways. ... we had Zone Conference this week and the main thing I remember from it is. PMG instead of Preach My Gospel is Perfect Marriage Guide. President Choi really likes to talk about marriage. Then the other thing I remember is "if you get sick, don't get sick" XP  Well, I still ended up sick. oh well.

Nikole had an opera recital this week so we helped her prepare the refreshments and such. Well, when her mom said refreshments, we expected like brownies, cake, or cookies....or something...but nope.  It ended up being a full blown meal!!! We made sandwiches, salad, and Hors d'oeuvre along with ice cream for dessert. I held their iguana! Sam!! :D He went on my head! That was exciting.

The Spanish Branch is a pretty good size. We had a pot luck with them last night. sadly though, that's when I got sick the most, so we left. All the baptisms fell through :( sadly. 

I've tried Salmon...twice. And I'm still not a seafood person.  We went to a Salmon bake earlier this week.
May the Spirit be with you

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