Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Spanish/English Class

So, I went to the temple today!! So pretty!! :DD I love it there. And I'm in the Overlake ward. We meet at 9 a.m. The Spanish Branch has range of the Whole mission and they really only speak Spanish except the kids. so we're going to start a Spanish-English learning class. I hope we'll be able to go to it so we can talk to the Spanish people!

Lets see... What's happened this week. We've been helping Melinda a lot. Max (her dog) had a competition and took two 1st and one 2nd place!!! I have a video of her warming him up, but sadly, it's too big to email home so you'll  get it when I send the SD card home.

We also went to the Pro Sports club this week. It's like Disneyland. It's so cool!!! Too bad we can't exercise there, but we can eat there. :D and yeah...hmm...  I can't remember what else happened this week....hum....yeah. Have a great week!! :D

May the Spirit be with you

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