Monday, August 5, 2013

Interesting Week

This week has been interesting like always.... I accidentally threw away the garbage can...hehehe....yeah we don't have a garbage can anymore right now...

I went to a really nice Asian restaurant this week, called Dimsum. It was so good!!! The dumplings were amazing!!!

We had Zone Conference. I saw Travis..err...Elder Kirk there. He is in Issaquah. not too far from me. That was wierd seeing him there.

Then we crashed a party this week. That was fun/interesting.  We were trying to find Chloe's Aunt to talk to her and such and she was throwing a was great.

We Helped the Linselys move. I'm so sore from it!! They lived on the top floor of the Adagio apts. 
May the Spirit be with you

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