Monday, July 15, 2013

Church Tour

This week has been good. It started off with Sister Mecham deciding she wants to take Sister Boyce and I to China, Singapore, and Indonesia after our missions. So we're pretty excited for that! :DD

Then we had a wonderful miracle!!! :DD  We were looking through our day planner finalizing our plans and at 7 we had planned a church tour. we stared at it and thought. why do we have a CT there? We don't have anyone to give a CT to, but we decided to leave it and have faith that we would have a CT at 7. so we called Brother and Sister Folkman and told them we were going to have a church tour at 7 and that we wanted them to be the member fellowshippers. We were driving to a potentials house and Sister Boyce said, "Let's actually go see Melinda." So we went and saw Melinda and caught her just before she was leaving.  She told us to come back later and we told her we would help her unpack the boxes she was picking up. So we showed up later and we helped her and we talked. She showed us some tricks with her dog and Sister Boyce just looked at me and I looked at her, then I looked at Melinda and said "Would you like to go on a church tour?" and she said, "Yeah, sure when?" and I said "How about right now?" and she said, "Sure." So we went on a church tour and we put her on date for baptism for August 3rd!! :D Oh yeah!! and Melinda is moving to Florida!! She wants to stay in contact.

And now is funny story time!!!! So we went to an investigators house (I guess there more potentials) and Sheron was telling us this story when they were at the Eiffel Tower. They were in the elevator and she saw this man turning the crank for the elevator to go up. She thought, "that poor man. and his wife." and for 2 years she prayed for him and his wife, until one day she was talking about him with her family and they looked at her and said. "that man is wooden." She died. She had been praying for a wooden man for 2 years!!! We were dying of laughter!!! It was so funny!!! This family is just hilarious!! They have so many funny stories, but that one is one of my favorites!!! Well .... I think that's all I have to type about...

Have a great week!!! :DD

May the Spirit be with you

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