Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Busy Week

First item of business. I might be writing on Tuesday next week because we believe it's Temple day. 2nd, Brother and Sister Lindsly are from Utah and go back fairly often so if I need to send things home or if you want to send me things, they said they'd be happy to take it. I believe their next trip is in June or July, I can't remember.  They're awesome and love to help us out. They have 2 dogs!! One is HUGE!!!! His name is Deisel the other is way small and is named Tinkerbell. She has so much energy it's funny!! And she's very playful, Kaylee would love her!!

 3rd, I am now the driver of the car XP.  It is very exciting. but I'm getting used to the area. so it's not too bad now. And yeah... and 3rdly, tell Travis to memorize D&C 4.  I'll send it next week but we recite those every meeting.  And tell him to get used to singing to strangers, because we are a singing mission. I have sung "I Am a Child of God" so many times.

Monday: Last Monday was exciting, we went to downtown Bellevue because Sister Thompson had to return shoes. So we ate at the cafe in Nordstroms. I also tried my first Seattle chocolate. It just tasted like chocolate. We spent most of our day there and then we relaxed around our apartment. yeah...

Tuesday:uhh... We studied, we did tons of contacting and tracting, man the days just blur together. I can't remember what we did.  Maybe I need to start bringing my journal to the library with me so I can remember. I guess I'll just touch on the things that I can remember. Fushia is in Tacoma now. She called us a few days ago because she forgot something but she's doing good. I  can't wait to hear from her again!!!

We also taught our investigator Georgeann. We had a girl in the ward came with us. We were hoping to commit Georgeann to baptism but it just wasn't there. We were hoping she would be our miracle. Maybe we'll be able to this week.

We also taught this girl named Tami who has gone deaf and is learning ASL   So we sign to each other from time to time! So it's great.

One day Sister Thompson was so tired that we went to the gas station and she bought a drink. She bought one of the fancy ones in the glass bottle, but lo and behold, it was not a twist off. After trying to open it with our hands, we finally just went home and used the can opener. My hand was so red and got a little cut up, but it's doing fine now. I wish I could say that for my feet though XP.

I forgot to write about Hil!! He's our new investigator we found at Idlywood Park. He's from Taiwan, he's so funny and was so interested. We have a meeting with him this week. I hope we can answer his questions better. XP

May the Spirit be with you

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