Monday, May 27, 2013

Slow going

I just found out that temple day is next Tuesday, so I will write next Tuesday.

We have an investigator named Hil. We took him on a church tour it was hilarious!!! He brought strawberries and such for like a little picnic. He came in and was just like "next stop." It sounded like  Luigi's friend in cars. You know the little blues lift truck thing and he always says. "pit stop." It was so funny and it was like he was the one giving the tour.  Anywho, we do a ton of tracting because we don't have any investigators or anything. So one of the doors we knocked on was an Indian couple (that wasn't strange since there's a ton) anyways this particular couple had a little girl and we said we share messsages about Jesus Christ and God. and the little girl was like "I know God and Jesus!!!" she was so cute!!!! Later that day, we started tracting around our complex. We're not supposed too, but I had a feeling we needed too. We found 2 potential investigators. one of them is a man and his family. His name is Joe. He has a daughter with Down Syndrome and his other daughter loves Star Wars. He told us that they saw our temple in L.A. and he started crying. We actually get to teach him tomorrow. I can't wait to teach him tomorrow.

We  have a goal as a mission to get 101 baptisms this month. and if we get it we get to hike Mount Si. so everywhere we go we shout "give me this mountain!!" Hill also went to the potluck and he was hilarious!!!! so like no one showed up so we were improvising with who did show up, and he was saying we should just buy food and that the church would reimburse us. Sister Jones (R.S. Pres.) asked him if he was a member and he said, "of costco. yes." It was so funny we all started laughing.

Can you ask Renee if she knows any Riddle's. My District Leader is Elder Riddle.  He's from San Diego. He goes home in a month.

I got the Powell's letter. Please thank them for me.

I think that's all that has happened.

May the Spirit be with you

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