Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Tell Keala "Hi!" (if you're still in Arizona). Anyways, this week....ugh... okay I'll start with the good. We taught Joe and Josie. The spirit was so strong. as we taught and they were so open and agreed with us on everything. They commited to be baptized. and it was just amazing!!! We left so happy and pumped!!!

After that, everything went down hill.... Tami almost got baptized 3 times this week. She's so ready she even passed the interview, and yeah. It's been really stressful and our whole district has been helping us and have had so much faith. I'm so grateful for them and their support. Hopefully Tami will this week.

 We also found out that we can't teach Joe and Josie for a few weeks!! :( That was really sad, but I know they'll get baptized eventually, but yeah. Just craziness and so much stress this week.  We talk about Disneyland a ton.  We've planned our trip for when we get back.  We learned it only takes 17 hours and about 45 minutes to get there hehehe...  I also learned that Elder Riddle lives really close to Renee and Stephen!!! And, when the boundaries change, we're taking a deaf ward. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can go there. But you never know. And yeah. 

Oh, and I almost died this week. A car was driving on our side of the road and almost hit us head on!!!!! I saw my life flash before my eyes.

May the Spirit be with you

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