Saturday, June 29, 2013

Papa John's and more...

Yes, I did see Tom and Donna (Constantino) yesterday. We get our new Mission President on the 1st. That's when all of our changes happen.

So funny story that I forgot to tell you last week. So we ordered Papa John's for during weekly planning and we ordered a pizza the bacon cheese sticks (which are heavenly btw) and bread sticks. It said it'd be there in an hour. An hour and a half later the pizza was still not there, so we called the store and they told us that the driver took our order instead of his, so our order was FREE!! And we ended up with double what we ordered!!! It was pretty funny.

Let's see this week was pretty hard. Tami went to Alaska cause her son got in an accident and is in the hospital and we don't know when she'll be back.  When she comes back, she's bringing her son with her so we're hoping we'll be able to get them both baptized!! :DD and Wendy Cook (this less active we've been working with) came to church!!!! :DD That made my day. She hasn't been in forever.

Sister Jones (Relief Society President) thought Tom and Donna were investigators so when they left early she asked me if they didn't like the meeting XP It was hilarious!!!hmm... I think that's all that has happened....have a great week!!
May the Spirit be with you

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