Monday, June 10, 2013

Fast Week

This week went by fast. We did a ton of contacting and tracting because we don't have any investigators. We met with Tami like every day, which was good. I love her. We call her Mama Tami. She used to be a massage therapist so she's constantly fixing our posture and such. I think her and Grandma would've gotten along really we'll. We also visited a former investigator named Dick. He was more concerned about my piano playing than anything else. XP It was kinda funny. Dick asked us a question that we haven't found an answer too yet and we're meeting with him tomorrow, I think... It's about the Holy Ghost, and how people say from other religions that they know their church is true because they have prayed about it and they feel good. So it makes the Holy Ghost a liar. So he wants to know how it's different with ours type of thing. And we don't know how to answer him.

Then we met Melinda, she's awesome. She trains Australian Shepards. Kaylee would love her dogs!!! We helped her clean her house this week and we're going over tomorrow to continue to help her. It stinks that she's moving to Oregon soon, :/ but she's a wonderful lady. I'm trying

to think if there's anything else that was exciting this week...hmm...I don't think so...oh yeah!! So There's this neighborhood here called Sherwood Forest!! So yes, I have tracted into Robin (haha) I'll take a picture of the sign this week. It's really cool. and hmm...yeah....

President Mackey, our Stake Mission Leader, served in Indonesia. so I told him about Uncle Bobby and I attempted to say his last name. Tamoama or whatever it is and he laughed at me.

I'm going on my first exchange tomorrow and transfers coming up in 2 weeks.  I hope Sister Thompson will finish my training, but you never know. I think there was something else I wanted to tell you but I can't remember now.....uh....yeah.

May the Spirit be with you

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