Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Exchanges & Transfers

Exchanges were great. Me and Sister Dudex got a little lost, but it was fun because I was the driver. We stayed here in Bellevue. 

We had Transfers today.  I'm still in Bellevue and my new companion is Sister Boyce. She's From PG. It's kinda funny, I somehow manage to get companions from Utah. Guess it'll be easier to stay in touch after the mission, I guess.

This week has been pretty crazy.. I'm trying to remember everything that has happened. I'm just really happy that Sister Thompson is in my Zone still, so I'll  still see her! :D  and yeah....I can't think of what has happened other than we tracted into a member accidentally. It was kinda awkward.

And our ward is slowly getting missionary minded but we're still working on it. Our member dinner on Monday was interesting. The Subers they're older and they're from Georga...or something like that. Somewhere in the South. They started arguing about Temples. It was HEATED!! Me and Sister Thompson started laughing. It was so funny!! Bro. Subers said they weren't going to go less active over Temples. Then their cat, Mr. Subers threw up XP and such.

It's been CRAZY!!! uhh...I know more has happened this week but I can't think of it...  so yeah... Have a great week!!
May the Spirit be with you

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