Monday, October 27, 2014

Last Post

Well, this is weird. My last email/blog post and everything. This week has been really good. One of the Elders in my district his mom sent a package and said "give this to your missionary friends" and what it was was a thing of DOTS and she put a picture of Christ on it and and it said DOTS Depend On The Savior. I thought that was really cool and how true it is that we need to depend on the Savior.

Now time for a crazy story!!

So, we were out doing missionary work and all of a sudden, a HUGE windstorm started and trees started falling left and right. So we were like lets go to a member's. We tried 3 members and none of them were home. (then later we learned they were at a Halloween Party XP) and roads were just covered with trees. We tried moving some because we were told to go home early. but it was too
dangerous. So we had to take the long road home. And we had to dodge tress left and right, ninja style!! It was super crazy!!! So we ran inside when we got home and then the power went out. It was great!!!

Then, the next day, we were headed to church and the spot where we normally park a tree fell on top of the car that was parked there. The spot was open when we pulled in but we didn't take it. So therefore the tree didn't smash our car!! woot!! miracle!!

Well, everyone, the Church is true (the book is still blue) I love this Gospel so very much. I have loved my mission. and I know without a doubt that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that he did restore the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That Christ's authority is on the earth again to help us. I know  God lives and Jesus is the Christ. And if we depend on him, everything is possible.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

сестра стаффр (That's my name in Russian! :D)
May the Spirit be with you

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