Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Companion

So, where to start...  It's been CrAzY this week. I have a new companion.  Her name is Sister Eaton. She's Russian speaking. So I'll be learning Russian and finish up her training. So that's the most recent new thing.

And for the rest of this last week. we took our car into the shop twice. We took the Lake Hills Elders car for 24 hours. It was a nice Subaru. We named him Bilbo.

Oh yeah, I saw Elder Kirk today. He's still in the Bellevue South Zone. I'm still in the same ward and everything in Bellevue.

Anyways, President Choi started a Mission Choir. So now I'm in that. So we went to President Mackay's house for dinner last Monday. And his sister-in-law was there and she's from ..Ecuador.. I think. And she got stung on her finger by a bee and freaked out talking really fast in Spanish.  It was her first bee sting. it was really funny!!!!

Then we put Melinda on date..but then she fell off date because she didn't come to church this week :(

Then we went to Seattle for a doctor appointment for Sister Boyce. I got a cool picture of the Space Needle from the freeway :)  She ran a stop sign. It was funny. Then. we were at a red light and a car was in front of us.  And that car went so she followed and it was still red. It was funny, she freaked out. But there was not cops :) so no ticket for running that red light. And we blew the breaker this morning....hahah....so we have no power on one of ours wallls ...and I think that's everything that has happened this week.

May the Spirit be with you

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