Monday, September 23, 2013

Good Week

So this week has been good. We got a Russian referral! :D ....but sadly she wasn't interested :(

Then we went and contacted a referral we had gotten a while ago and said they weren't interested but when we went she was. And we had an awesome lesson with her! ...but she went back to India for the next  6 months :(

Then we went to the Vafa's who are new members in our ward. and they are HILARIOUS!!! And they have the strongest testimonies I have ever heard. They are so awesome!!

Then We helped Melinda and I slipped on a stair and landed on my right foot. Luckily, it's not broken or swollen or bruised. But it hurts. :/  I'll live.

While we were tracting a few days ago, we met a man named Fernaad and he works in the Xbox department at Microsoft. He was really nice and funny. He says a new Xbox is coming out in 2 months.

Then We tracted into this other man and we were talking to him and he had lived all over the world and he said his favorite place to live was Washington. And we asked why and he said. "Have you seen 'Return of the Jedi?'" and I said enthusiastically "Of COURSE!!".  He said, "The forests on Endore were filmed here." So now I'm determined to find out if it's in our zone. because if it is, I can go see it on P-days!!! And I'll take a lot of pics!!! :DD

Then for the National Day of Service we helped at a car wash our ward was sponsoring for the VFW. That was really fun.

Then we went to Idylwood Park and there are some Russians who like to fish there. So Sister Eaton talked with them. While I tried to figure out what they were saying. Sister Frankenfield (my nextdoor neighbor) had a English/Russian dictionary and gave it to me.  It helps a lot!

May the Spirit be with you

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