Tuesday, October 1, 2013


A lot has happened this week. District meeting was awesome. But kinda weird at the same time because Elder Wohlgemuth is the District leader now. So it was interesting not sitting next to him in the meeting but looking at him.  But he's a stellar missionary and is really good at what he does. And he gives really great advice/ideas. Then we had interviews with President Choi.

He is so funny.

Then we went and saw Julie and Robert. We taught them how to sing "I am a Child of God." and were hoping that Andrew's (Julie's husband) heart will soften. because Julie knows this church is true but Andrew won't let her participate.

Then we were teaching Sister Mercer (shes a less active) and her visit teacher Sister Tate  was over and apparently, if you tap our head it helps you sleep.  Theres a website, tapyourhead.com and we got a Russian refferal this week!! :D But we can't seem to get in contact with them. :(  But we'll keep trying. Then Angie (she's in the YSA ward) came out with us because she wants to serve a mission. She joined in April. Her testimony is so powerful!! And it was awesome having her come out with us.  Then we had an AMAZING Miracle!!!  And here it is.

So last week, we were in this complex and asked this lady if she knew any Russian speakers in the area. She said yes, and pointed to 3 apartments. The first one we knocked on no one was home. Then we went to the other 2 and they were both Spanish speaking. So, a week later, we tried the door that didn't answer, and Musti opened the door. She didn't want to talk with us so we asked if we could say a prayer with her. and she said "Yes." Once we were done with the prayer, she told us to stay there, and she went back into her apartment and started speaking another language... and no, it wasn't Russian. It was Farsi. When she came back, she asked us if we could pray with her mom and we said "Of course!"  So we went in and her mom only knows Farsi, and her name is Allia. And Musti started translating with the little English she knows. A tragedy had just happened in their family and she had been praying to Muhammad, and her prayers weren't being answered and so the night before she decided to pray to Jesus, and she had been praying all day, and we came knocking on her door. she recognized us as representatives of Jesus Christ and they are both going to be getting baptized this month! ..(I guess technically next month) :D they are so ready for the gospel. And they are giving up Muslim and are telling all of their friends about our Church and how this was a miracle. And they're both so excited to get baptized. Well, the next day we had a church tour with them. Luckily, we have a Farsi speaking couple in our ward, so we had them come with us. When Musti and Allia showed up, they brought a friend, and her name is G. and Brother Vafa ended up teaching a lesson in the Primary room to them in Farsi. And they're so excited to learn more and to go to church and watch General Conference. Well, when Brother Vafa starts teaching, he doesn't stop. So Sister Vafa just stood up and erased the chalk board and Brother Vafa was so shocked and said, "She cut me off at Apostasy!" We started laughing so hard. the Vafas are such a funny couple. We're grateful for their
willingness to help. And now were slowly (but surely) learning Farsi as we'll (at least trying too).

May the Spirit be with you

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