Monday, October 14, 2013

Missionary Fun

First, I'll start out by thanking everyone that helped with Sister Frankenfield.  She had a really good time and can't stop talking about it.

Now I'll start with the week. So we met this Indian family Anshika Anki Pammi and Ajay, they are really nice. But Ajay (the dad) is not willing to change so after 2 lessons they asked us not to come over anymore :( They're a great family though. 

Then we saw Nayer (she's a Iranian) and we left her with a Plan of Salvation Pamphlet the last time we saw her and she read it and loved it. We taught about the Restoration and when we paused in the middle of the first vision she was on the edge of her seat and said, "Don't stop! What happens!?" I could barely hold a laugh back. It was funny! She had prepared all of this fresh fruit for us
to eat so then we ate and she said "Next time we'll have tea." and I replied "We don't drink tea." and she was like "You don't drink tea!? then we'll have Coffee." and I said "we don't drink coffee." Then we explained the Word of Wisdom to her and she said. "Then if I want to be closer to God, I better stop drinking tea and coffee." So she committed herself to live the word of wisdom! It was pretty funny and exciting at the same time.

Then we found this Indian man. I can never quite catch his name but it sounds like Gandolf. so we call him Gandolf. He's so funny and he wants to go to all of the church activities and such. He's such a funny old man.

Then, this week Elder Johnson (the President of Seminary) is coming to our mission on Thursday. I'm pretty excited.  President Choi says he's really  good friend with President Packer and he hopes that President Packer will come out sometime to visit.

сестра стафр (that's my name in Russian! :D)
May the Spirit be with you

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