Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First Transfer

So, I forgot to bring my planner in with me so I'm going to try and remember everything that happened this week.
First off, I got transferred. I'm Still in the Bellevue Zone, but I'm in a ward called BeaverLake now. My companion is Sister Wright. She is from Arkansas.  I've met her before at Zone things. she's awesome. She's also a Visa waiter to go to Brazil. soo....guess what language I'm learning now!? PORTUGUESE!!! Crazy right? So much for being called English speaking.

So, this week we were standing at a door and I saw a spider so i said "Look a spider!" in Russian but I accidentally said прорка (prorka) and that means prophet instead of saying паук (paook) which means spider. We also found a lot of potentials and we got an actual Russian appointment!! I was so excited for that and I have been studying hard for that lesson, but sadly, now I don't get to go :( But, this week we have a lesson with a family that only speaks Portuguese. so I need to study hard now for that so I can semi understand what's going on in the lesson.

We also had Zone Conference this week and I saw Elder Kirk there. I also saw him today at Transfers. He's doing good. Zone Conference was awesome. Elder Johnson is really great. we also had Zone Breakfast as well. Which is always fun. I can't remember anything else that happened this week... I'll do better next week because I won't forget my sticky note next time! 

сестра стафр (that's my name in Russian! :D)
May the Spirit be with you

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