Monday, October 7, 2013

Tiring Week

Well this week has been very VERY tiring. I honestly can't remember what I did this week. And it doesn't help that I forgot to write down what I wanted to send home....  I wish my sticky note was psychic. (that would help a lot) anyhow. The things I did write are, we met this Indian man named Sarub. and we talked with him and he's really interested...XP But he's in Boston all this week.

Then we met this nice man named James who we thought was not going to talk to us because he instantly started the conversation with "I don't like hypocrite Mormons." but we kept talking with him and he's willing to learn and slowly dip his feet into the "water" (aka gospel).

And then I read this really good talk this week. It's called "The Abundant Life." It's by President Monson.  It's in the January 2012 Ensgin and my favorite quote from that is "You can't direct the wind but you can adjust the sails."

My favorite talk from conference...hmmm...they were all good. I'm not sure which one was my favorite, but I really liked the one about the !'s (exclamation marks).
May the Spirit be with you

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