Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Coming

So, this week we had a mission Christmas party that was really fun.  I saw Hermana Norton and Sister Thompson at it.  Pres. Wood and his wife put on a live nativity.  It was really funny. Oh yeah, I also saw Elder Kirk there too.

I also got the package the family sent me.  Thank you so much!! We love it!!! (The toffee is already gone).

Then we also went and saw this former investigator named Maggy Mow. She gave us these pencils that turn into pens too! They're pretty cool.

So we had a church tour with Molly and Max when Elder Tongish (a Zone Leader) walked in in the middle of it and interrupted it XP.

He also took our phone and took pics of himself and set it as our background. So we talked to Brother Jones (he's a High Counclior) and he has the zone Leaders over for breakfast every once in a while and he happened to have them over today so he put TOO much salt on it. so I'm curious to see how that turns out.

We also get to teach Sis. Turtel!!! She used to live in the Duthie Hill ward, then she moved to our ward boundaries. Then the ward split so she ended up in the Klahanie Ward then she just moved to the Pine Lake Ward but wants Sisters to teach her so we're teaching her and she told us she's ready to take the next step!!! We're super excited for her!!! We also built a gingerbread house this week that was really fun.

We also helped Sis. Church out some more and I discovered that her husband makes bows and arrows...-drools- they look SUPER nice...

Then we met a lady last night named Sharon and she has horses!! She's going to let us help her with them. (Sadly I can't ride them :'( stupid rules )  but I'm super excited to help her out and to slowly teach her. I think that's all that has happened this week.

I just got done making cards with Sister Wood. There are ASL missionaries, Chinese Missionaries, Tongan, Samoan, Russian, and Spanish...  I think that's it.

Have a great week@!!!! And p-day is on Christmas. And that's about all I know for next week.

сестра стаффр (That's my name in Russian! :D)
May the Spirit be with you

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