Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Good Week

Well this week has been good! So we're supposed to invite everyone to be baptized and we're supposed to keep track of how many we do then at the end of the day let our District Leader know so he can report it to the Zone Leaders. Even though a lot of people have been gone because of the holiday, we still tried to do that and while we were on exchanges we finally met M_____. Her daughter O______ went to Girl's Camp and other mutual activities and has loved it and we've been trying to contact her mom for awhile and we finally met her and she wants to be baptized on September 20th!!! :D woot!!

And we got more finalized for our fireside.

"How does God speak to you?"
"Can you have a personal relationship with God?"

Those are questions that will be on the flyer and it's on personal revelation. It's going to be on the 14th at 5pm at the Stake Center. So it's going to be really good. We're trying to let everyone know about it.

сестра стаффр (That's my name in Russian! :D)
May the Spirit be with you

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