Monday, November 18, 2013


This week has been good. We've been doing A LOT of tracting but we have found 4 new people to start teaching!! We're so excited for that. We accidentally tracted into a member. And guess what!! He knows Uncle Mark [Stauffer].   His name is Brother Bearndt.  He used to work with him, I guess.

We had exchanges this week as well. I went to Cougar Mountain. I was with Sister Coombs. Sister Coombs isn't allowed to drive, so I had to drive. So...we kept getting lost and stuff cuz the GPS she had told me to turn at the last second. So we did a lot of turning around and stuff.

Then we also had Zone Breakfast this week. It was at President Senelli's. They made crepes!!! It was so good!!! They had Nutella there as well. And President Choi Crashed it. which isn't surprising.  He likes to crash or invite himself to things all the time. But it was really fun.

Then we had dinner with the Jones and they made Nutella shakes!!! They were sooooo good!!! It has Nutella, ice cream, milk, and vanilla and they blend it!! It's sooo good!! Apparently, Brother Jones also likes to make cake shakes. I'll have to try one of those...his favorate is the cheesecake shake. I can't wait to try that one day.

Oh yeah, I also learned that Elder Kirk is in my Sister trainer leader's district. They said he had a surgery done. Do you know anything about that? And I keep forgetting to have you tell Dustin "hi" for me and to tell him that he looks like he's grown a lot since I last saw him 2 ish years ago.  hmmm.... I think that's all I have for this week....
сестра стаффр (that's my name in Russian! :D)
May the Spirit be with you

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