Monday, November 4, 2013


So, this week was good. For Halloween, we had to go tracting for an hour!! It was super awkward, everyone thought we were trick or treaters XP. I kept wanting to say "trick or Gospel?" when they answered the door. We had a Halloween party as we'll. The Bishopric dressed up as 1D (1 Direction), it was so funny!!! XP They even performed!! I'm so glad I had my camera!! I filmed their
performance!! Then Sister Mcbride (our Ward Mission Leader's wife) dressed up as Mary Poppins. She looked like the real thing!!!

I learned that the Winder family in our ward are HUGE Star Wars Fans!! They're having us over for dinner in a week, I believe and Sister Winder said she'd do something Star Wars for it!! :D I'm so excited for that dinner.

Then one of the days we were out tracting we met this girl named Heather. She is awesome!! And she owns 2 horses!! But sadly, she's leaving soon :( Then we had a lesson with Molly (shes in a part member family) and she's just awesome. We read 1 Nephi 7-8 with her and Sis. Mcfadden was there. And guess what. I discovered that Sis. Mcfadden taught EFY and I went to one  of her classes!!!

Then we had dinner at the Harmers and they have a Havanese dog too!!! His name is Riley and he's white and brown and longer then Sirius Black but other then that they look the same!!!

Then 2 days ago, there was a HUGE windstorm and it took the power out!! It was out for like 2 hours, then it went out again for about 30 min. but everywhere else it was out till the next day. The weather was so bad!!  And that same day I met a man named Joe and we were talking with him and he asked "Where are you from?" I said "Cedar Hills" and he said "Is that close to Salt Lake?" I replied "sorta about 30 min away." and he said "Do you know Stake President Steve Bernards?" I said, "No, but is he related to a Duane Bernards?" and he said "Yes." and I guess he knows him through work. I thought that was really weird!!

Then so Rahul (a guy we found about 2 weeks ago) came to church and he LOVED it!!!! He started crying and was thanking us for introducing him to this church!!!! We have an appointment with him and his family on Friday!!! I'm so excited to teach them!!! He is so prepared and ready for the gospel!!!!!

сестра стаффр (that's my name in Russian! :D)
May the Spirit be with you

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