Monday, March 10, 2014

Investigator Update

So, this week has been CRAZY!!! We've been like chickens running around with our heads cut off!! So this is a summary of our investigators.

So a Ward Mission Leader from the neighboring mission called us and said there's a lady in their ward who is from Africa that has a nephew and his wife that live in our area and she wants to introduce the gospel to them and that they were coming to Edmonds the next day. They asked if we were busy around 1-3 and we said "No". And so the next day they called us at 3:30 and said they want to know more, so we went to Calvin and Caroline's apartment and the members who were there had already taught them basically the whole first lesson minus the Restoration. Calvin and Caroline are interested and are very sincere about finding out if this church is true. We stopped by on Saturday to see how they were doing and if they have read the Book of Mormon. We invited them to read Alma 32 and invited them to the ward activity. Calvin came but Caroline had to work. :( But Calvin had fun. Then Calvin came to church as well!! I think he enjoyed it... Caroline had to work so Calvin came by himself. We have a church tour set up with them on Tuesday. I'm excited for that.

Then our other investigator is Mark. Mark really wants to find the truth. Our Relief Society president came with us to the lesson and the lesson was AMAZING. Mark's fiancee makes fun of him for meeting with us so Sister Pickett (RS Pres.) invited them over for dinner on Tuesday with us over to share a little thought. We're hoping his fiancee will support him more after she meets us and see Mormons aren't completely crazy.

Marilyn is doing good. We made a cake with her to bring to the ward activity for the cake auction. That was fun and we talked about Hel. 5:12 and how that foundation on Christ will help her quit smoking. she started crying. We're meeting with her on Tuesday night. We're going to show her the Restoration.

Mary, Erik and Hayden are doing well as well. We had a lesson with them on Wednsday. It went really well our WML Brother Ricks and Sister McRae came with us. We taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They really liked the Holy Ghost and how it can be our constant companion. They couldn't come to church yesterday, but they are coming for sure next week.

We're really excited for our investigators!! We went to the ward Cake auction/Chili cook off. We were the judges with the Elders that we share the ward with. Elder Fisher and Gardner. Brother Hendrickson bought us this Cookie Cake. It is so, so, so good!!! I also tried Kimchi fried rice which is REALLY good!!!
сестра стаффр (That's my name in Russian! :D)
May the Spirit be with you

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